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Thursday, August 21, 2014
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Jazz at Home in Falls Village

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Posted by: Dan Shaw
Posted on: Sunday, January 27, 2008


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Full Article

Last night, Dale McDonald invited sixty friends and neighbors for cocktails and a jazz concert in her barnlike living room, which overlooks the Housatonic River.  McDonald, who’s on the board of the Falls Village Community & Cultural Center, wanted to introduce the sounds of Back Country Jazz a not-for-profit she supports whose goal is to bring world-class jazz musicians to schools and to communities that no longer have the opportunity to experience live jazz in the United States and abroad.

Tenor Sax Bennie Wallace led a quartet in tunes by Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin and Jerome Kern. He was joined by the extraoridnary Mulgrew Miller on piano, Peter Washington on bass, and Willie Jones III on drums.

Equestrian Loek Neimeth with Congressman Chris Murphy ; muralist Clifton Jaeger with Julie Harwood and Ellen McCourt.

McDonald’s daughter, Alex Peterffy, with Edwin Teren; Author Frank McCourt with Gloria Parker, who designed and built McDonald’s house.

McDonald welcomes Leo McLaughlin, a flight attendant and antiques dealer.

Screenwriter Maria Nation, Chester C. Burley III, and innkeeper Roberto Flores; graphic designers Vincent Inconiglios and Donna Rafferty