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Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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The Source Perrier Collection Warehouse Sale

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Posted by: Dan Shaw
Posted on: Tuesday, September 09, 2008


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Full Article

Rural Intelligence Style Section Image

A selection of Source Perrier mirrors at the warehouse sale in Cannan, CT.

Anita Tiburzi, who lives in Sharon, CT, has worldly, exuberant style. You would not call her brand of good taste restrained; you could call it over-the-top.  As the design director of the Source Perrier Collection for Home and Garden, she creates home furnishings that are inspired by homes filled with great antiques and the lifestyles of grande dames, and then has everything made to fit the modern all-American lifestyle. The catalog is truly eclectic: it includes everything from a George III style tole chandelier and a camel-shaped teapot to engraved glass hurricanes and a walnut-and-mahogany game table. And who else but Anita would dream up silverplated ice cream servers that allow you to serve pints or half gallons of ice cream at the table in the most elegant fashion?

When Anita finished photographing the most recent 68-page catalog, she sent all the furniture, dishes, mirrors, lamps, hurricanes and assorted accessories to a warehouse in Canaan, CT, where everything will be sold as-is, at deep discounts, beginning this Thursday. It’s a treasure hunt of the most fabulous sort. Some items, like sofas, are one of a kind samples, but there are multiples of other items like lamps, mirrors, and those smashing ice cream servers.  And though it is an honest-to-goodness warehouse sale, the Source Perrier staff treats you like full-price shoppers, packing your purchases with pale green tissue in large, glossy shopping bags.

Source Perrier Warehouse Sale
99 Railroad Street (Route 7), Canaan, CT
Thursday, September 11 - Saturday, September 13
10 AM - 4 PM
Cash or check and carry; no credit cards.
Rural Intelligence Home and Garden
Hardwood cellarettes with nickel-plated trim and liners, tole “topiaries,” and Chinoiserie chandeliers are among the exotic items for sale.
Rural Intelligence Home and Garden
Sofas, pillows and coffee tables are part of the sale.
Rural Intelligence Home and Garden
The sale includes items from previous seasons such as amethyst-colored hurricanes.