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Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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To submit an announcement to Rural Intelligence

Without you, we’re nothing. We want to hear your news tips and upcoming events. Our role is to alert readers to events outside their own jurisdictions, things worth crossing town, county, or state lines for. If you feel your event has been overlooked in error, please consider this: another way of reaching the Rural Intelligence reader is by buying an ad.

The odds of our covering your event are enhanced if you submit information to us by carefully following the calendar listing instructions that follow. And please give us adequate warning—a few weeks in advance is fine (but no more than that.) Before writing one up and submitting, please look at the events in the section you would to post in and follow them as closely as possible..

Calendar Listing Instructions

Send an e-mail to: If you would like a photo to accompany the listing, please send it as an attachment (do not embed it in the e-mail).

Example Listing


Subject: Club Helsinki Hudson April 30, 2015

Club Helsinki Hudson A double bill featuring

NYC-based The Fifth Veil, which weaves sonic tapestry from diverse

strands such as Turkish folk music, medieval church choirs, and post-rock

rhythms; plus young, tight-knit Hudson-based up-and-comers Yassou

Benedict. Hudson, NY @ 8 p.m.

Other things you should know

Parties We do advance coverage of benefit parties only in the Save the Date list on our
Parties page. We count on the party-giver’s website to provide readers with such details
as ticket price, theme, suggested dress, time, etc. All we need is the date, the name of the
event, the beneficiary, if that’s not self-evident, and a web-quality jpg. (Please don’t send
print-quality images; they are too large for our systems.)

Restaurants We go to restaurants anonymously, pay for our food, and the opinions
expressed in the write-ups that follow are our own. We apologize profusely to those
restaurants we have not yet covered.  We promise we will get to you asap, but a reminder
from you every once in a while doesn’t hurt.  At restaurants, we take our own pictures, so
if you notice a flash going off, that could be one of us. 

Shopping Nothing upsets us more than to drive by a tent sale we
hadn’t heard about.  Please understand, if you are offering our readers (especially
Marilyn) bargains, we are there for you. So please give us a heads up, and send us a
couple of digital snap shots of the merchandise. We also do new store openings and
special in-store events.     

E-mails  Of course, these are our lifeblood.  But we each get hundreds every day, so
please show some mercy. We do not need to be flooded with reminders that the show is
opening today, still running, closing tomorrow.  Those of you on Facebook, etc., if we are
on your regular mailing list, we do not also need to be informed, invited, and reminded
via Facebook.  Once is plenty.  We are a barebones operation, do all of our own grunt
work, so please be patient with us.  — Thank you!