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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Third Annual Sandwich Summit: A Rye Look Between The Bread

Photo: Danny Ghitis

By Andrea Pyros

“Is It Insane To Insist That There Is No Such Thing As Half An Open Faced Sandwich?”

If that query strikes you as irrelevant, ridiculous or just plain nuts, you’re probably not a sandwich aficionado. But if you are, you might actually ponder it for a moment. And if you’re pondering, why not take it a step further and join some like-minded sandwich celebrators on September 27 at the Third Annual Sandwich Summit in Wassaic, NY?

The summit, with this year’s theme of Hopes & Dreams, is the brainchild the Sandwich Club, a society that “fosters an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking sandwich culture by encouraging the discovery and consumption of delicious sandwiches and sandwich components, both in the United States and abroad.”

Trippy Roll Sammy by Josh Burggraf, part of the sandwich themed exhibition at the Sandwich Summit, curated by Maximilian Bode.

Shannon Finnegan, co-founder and executive director of the Sandwich Club explains, “It’s all about being very serious about something very silly.” Finnegan, who by day works for The Wassaic Project, started the club along with her friend Sam Handler, the club’s co-founder and president. Finnegan says, “We both love sandwiches and we started making a point to seek out new ones together. We quickly learned people feel really passionately about them,” adding, “I go to parties now and I don’t even know what I talked about before the Club existed. It’s an instant conversation starter with anyone. I’m amazed how much people have to say about sandwiches.”

During most of the year, Sandwich Club members chew solo, meeting instead on Twitter, Instagram and via the club’s Google doc (available with permission) to share tasting notes. But for one day only, our area’s sandwich-loving community comes together, like a foot-long sub, to rejoice in sandwiches from top to bottom — and everything in between — at the tongue-planted-very-firmly-in-cheek event. And yes, of course there will be sandwich horoscope readings.

Key players in the RI region’s sandwich movement will be on hand, including Finnegan working behind the scenes; Handler, who will give opening remarks; Breanne Trammell, Sandwich Club secretary and co-chair of the Summit Planning Committee; and artist Maximilian Bode, curator of the Sandwich Club Summit Exhibition. Manning the grilled cheese grill will be Jeff Barnett-Winsby, who is one of the directors of the Wassaic Project and the manager of The Lantern, a popular Wassaic eatery.

The lineup is every conference attendee’s dream, with presentations on topics such as, “The Cultural Logic of the Post Modern Sandwich” and “Enjoy Every Sandwich: Honoring The Legacy Of Warren Zevon Through Positive Food Choices,” and, of course, that head-scratching brain teaser about half an open faced sandwich.

“The Summit is the moment where people are talking,” Finnegan says. Expect lively — but respectful — debates to break out. Though the Sandwich Club itself does not have an official policy on the definition of a sandwich (“too controversial,” demurs Finnegan), the topic will certainly be raised, and Finnegan expects the club’s conservative wing to continue their arguments for more a stringent definition.

Though busy preparing for the summit, Finnegan was willing to share her personal POV on the food (opinions expressed are her own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Sandwich Club). She suggests locals check out The Lantern in Wassaic, an all-around “great sandwich spot” as well as Back in the Kitchen in Amenia, which she says offers “one of the best breakfast sandwiches.” A sandwich she’s currently got in heavy rotation is one dished up by a friend. It’s made with sardines, anchovies, ricotta and apple with olive oil on sourdough (“It’s not for everyone,” she admits).

But to truly delve deep into sandwich knowledge and explore a wide range of opinions, Finnegan assures us the summit is the place to chew on that.

The 3rd Annual Sandwich Club Summit: Hopes & Dreams
Saturday, September 27, 5-8 p.m.
Hosted by the Wassaic Project at the Luther Barn Auction Ring
17 Furnace Bank Road, Wassaic, NY
Free admission; registration mandatory.

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